Mathu Andersen Teacher, MakeUp God, Photogapher, Icon!

Photo By Mathu Andersen Self Portrait

There is one person that I can truly say I owe it all to it would be Mathu Andersen. He introduce me to my first agent, taught me everything I know about beauty and fashion, took me on every job for two years so I could watch and learn. Introduced me to the woman I am best known for working with Janice Dickinson. Has shot almost all my early work. Got me every job he could. Gave me the tools to be a true artist and gave me a history on fashion and beauty that i never forgot. Everything here dose is magic and turns to gold. If you ever get a chance to meet him don’t miss out on the opportunity of getting to know him.
He is brilliance at it’s best.I don’t think I will ever stop being amazed by his work to be a master at makeup,photography,drawing,painting,sculpting,retouching,styling,art direction,and there is nothing he can’t do better then or add just the rite touch to anything. He has now added Music and Film Direction to his many gifts. So many of us owe our lives to him and his work and beautiful spirit. I have never stopped pushing my own limitations because I always ask myself how would Mathu do it and like a whisper from God I get some new idea that I never would have thought of if it wasn’t for the passion he instilled in me to never stop growing both artistically and personally. He even gave me the ability to know when not to fight someone or something that just won’t try something new. In this business it’s sad to say but sometimes you have to be more team payer then team leader. His work today is miles from were it was when he first began. I was lucky enough to get to hear and see allot of his history and the five years I worked hand and had with him were amazing and even after I had chosen to go off on my own every time we would work together I would learn something new. Here are some examples of his work now then and when I was working with him below. Please take the time to look him up you will be amazed by his catalog of work and it grows larger and larger every day.

He Did everything but Pose for the Picture

1992 Mathu and Zaldy And there Creation RuPaul

All Mathu Andersen RuPaul and him are a Unstoppable Team

Mathu and Zaldy in the 90's when they were Blitz Kids

Photo of Mathu By Austin Young

Photo By Mathu Andersen for 944

RuPaul's Drag Race

Recent Work all Mathu Andersen

Hard Copy Book Cover for "Check Please" Photo Mathu MakeUp & Styling Gabrial Hair Duke

Photo Mathu Andersen

Photo Mathu Aderson JDMA Promo

Photo Mathu Andersen MakeUp by Me First Job Editorial

Photo Mathu Anderson Make Up Me Second Job

Photo Mathu Andersen For JDMA Season 1 Comp Cards MakeUp Me

Photo Mathu Andersen

Photo Mathu Anderson

Photo By Austin Young

Photo Mathu Andersen

Photo And Make Up Mathu Andersen

Art Photo By Mathu Andersen

Invite Makeup Hair Photo Mathu Andersen

MakeUp And Photo Mathu Andersen for Mac master Class

Invite MakeUp Hair Photo Mathu Andersen Styling Zaldy

I think I showed you all enough but this is only a small bit of what he has done he’s and Icon! Here’s what He’s up to now, RuPaul’s Drag Race, Prince Poppycock, RuPaul’s Drag U and to book him contact his agency The MMA


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